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Application sectors

The application fields of this special type of underwater listening can be:

alberghi e resort

Hotels and Resort

The perfect way to add exclusivity to your business and present your customers with a new experience in diving and swimming. Let your customers listen to music while they swim and relax.

piscina privata

Private pools

To listen to underwater music in your pool.

piscina pubblica

Public swimming pools and sport centers

Ideal for synchronized swimming and other water sports, such as hydro gymnastics. Swimming instructors can reproduce their selection of underwater music.

Spa e terapia

SPA and therapy

Relaxing underwater music can be used for a wide range of therapeutic areas in the water.


Diving schools and offshore applications

The system is ideal for diving instruction and safety in swimming pools or in the open sea. Applications include communication with divers in poor visibility conditions or when work is spread over a wider area. A single underwater speaker can cover a large area of sea (500m) with a safe sound level.

istruzione e comunicazione

Education of cetaceans

Cetaceans communicate through sound. It is possible to use this system for dolphin education and their communication study.