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Music and benefits

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Music effects

Music has positive effects on people's mood and body: it allows relaxation, contact with the truest nature of one's personality, escape from the reality that surrounds us, the discovery of serenity and inner well-being. Let's imagine immersing ourselves in a new sound sensation and gaining access to a superior and fascinating level of listening to music, propagated in the underwater pool, leaving out the noisy world with all its distractions, stress and worries.

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How we perceive sounds and
noises under water?

The answer is in our bones. Through our bone system and more specifically the bones of our head, which have a greater density of water and can receive and transmit sound waves more easily: instead of using the normal auditory organs, we exploit the vibration of the bones to transport the sounds. Music excites and involves all the senses. Water gives materiality to the sound, makes it dense, swimmable, crystalline, dreamlike.

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What feelings do you get?

The feeling that is received, once immersed, is that the sound comes in a crystalline way from all directions at the same time, our ears no longer being able to differentiate the direction of sound (a natural Hi-Fi listening). A personal and profound experience that allows us to achieve total harmony: while the body opens and relaxes, the eyes close, as if to retain the sound within itself.

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A listening in zero gravity

Imagine we are floating in a fluid that envelops us and makes us feel light as a cloud, without space or time in zero gravity. Let us go, we forget our body and we float suspended: we graze the idea of possessing sound and emanating from within our body.